About Us

Curtis Construction has created many different kinds of buildings to suit a wide variety of industrial, commercial and institutional uses since 1987. In each case, Curtis Construction has provided the appearance and features that the owner desired, while delivering the ease-of-use, efficiency, and flexibility that can only come from great architectural design. Curtis Construction buildings are planned from the ground up to minimize maintenance and other costs of operation.

Here’s how we do it:

Curtis Construction is unique. We are an industrial design/build company that is truly design-driven. Curtis Construction uses the design process to give owners maximum freedom of choice, and eliminate major construction problems before they can happen. Curtis Construction also carefully selects the project team for each individual job, eliminating wasted salaries and expenses. This up-front organizational effort saves the owner money without cutting corners during construction. Then, Curtis Construction tightly controls each and every part of the construction process to make sure that quality standards and schedule commitments are adhered to.

A full spectrum of design and contracting services…

Curtis Construction can design any building, provide value engineering, create working drawings, manage a project of almost any size, and/or perform as general contractor. You can use Curtis Construction’s professional design and construction management services in any number of different ways to improve quality and eliminate waste at any stage of the building process.

Get the right answers.

Would your next project benefit from the involvement of an experienced design/builder? Is a design professional available to you who can help solve cost problems before you acquire financing? Do you have other questions about building design or the construction process. Call Curtis Construction for the answers. We are always available to help you, and your business, succeed.